All you need to know about History of Artificial Intelligence

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History of Artificial Intelligence
When speaking about artificial intelligence then its an area of computer science that accent the creation of intelligent machines which  work and react like humans. Its uses for machine learning to mimic human intelligence and also its uses to algorithms and historical data to create something called a propensity model.
Now we are here to provide a few suggestions about the top 10 courses and certifications in artificial intelligence given below:
1. Machine Learning AI certification by Stanford University

2.CFTE’s online AI in Finance course

3.Artificial Intelligence Executive Certification

4. Udacity Machine learning Nano degree

5. Deep Learning by Andrew Ng

6. International faculty of Finance

7. Artificial Intelligence certification by Columbia university

8.MIT- Artificial Intelligence

9.Introduction to Artificial Intelligence by IBM

10.Open Badge Programme, IBM skills Gateway

These all are the best courses and certifications in artificial intelligence. You should go for it.
I hope we have included all the information about courses and certifications in artificial intelligence. Stay tuned for more updates.
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